SBI Card

SBI Card


The app helps to manage your card and finances. It is possible to review your balance and control your expenses. You can block your account in case of loss or theft.

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Size: 74,8 Mb
OS version: Android 8.0
Package version: 7.3.22

SBI Card is an Android application for credit card users. It is possible to carry out various financial operations, such as paying bills and transferring funds. You can receive transaction alerts to control your spending.

Financial management

The app allows you to manage your finances and accounts, similar to Paytm. It is possible to review your credit card balance to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can pay for gas, electricity, mobile communication, and other services.

Moreover, users may transfer money from their credit cards to other peoples accounts. This utility allows you to send your funds to friends or relatives at any time. It is possible to replenish the balance and view the history of your transactions.

In addition, this app offers to convert money from abroad into local currency at the optimal exchange rate. It is helpful for traveling and international shopping. It is important to note that the application may charge an additional fee set by the bank.

Card blocking

Customers can set up notifications for each payment. It is helpful to control your expenses and track all unusual operations. The utility allows you to contact support for detailed information. There is a blocking function in case of loss or theft.

It is possible to order a new card if it is damaged or expired. Customers can do this on their own through the application without contacting support. This convenient option helps you to save your time.


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