The application is a tool with which users can control their kids and partners. It is possible to see a caller ID and monitor the calls made via smartphones.

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Setmack is an application for Android that allows users to hack smartphones and spy on them in real time.


Users can connect their mobile device to a SIM card and watch its each step, especially when it comes to contacts. It is possible to view the latest calls and ID. Thus, there is an option to control kids and find out their secrets.

Please note that the interface is available only in Swahili language. If you would like another application for similar purposes, but in English, you may download Spy Phone.

Aside from viewing call history, users can also access SMS texts and voice messages. The application provides an option to read correspondence in incognito mode. In other words, an owner of a smartphone you spy on, will not notice your presence.


Although sometimes tracing contacts may be useful and reveal important matters, it is illegal and can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, you download this utility at your own risk.


As of writing this review, the application does not work correctly. To be exact, it is not possible to access its features. When entering Setmack, there appears a page where it says that the site has been disabled.


  • allows to spy on smartphones and view contact details;
  • possible to find out latests calls;
  • oriented towards people who know Swahili language;
  • currently is not working;
  • app is free to use and download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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OS version: Android 4.0
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The application allows users to spy on mobile devices. It is possible to find out the smartphone’s location, read text messages and view call history.

Version7,85 Mb
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