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The app allows you to create content about your travels. You can add photos, videos, and sounds to share your experiences. There is a community for discussions.


Voiijer is an Android application for nature enthusiasts to share their photos, videos, and other materials. There is support for various formats, even 3D. It is possible to collaborate with other users through utility.

Visual content

This application allows you to create stories about your travels. Moreover, you can make content about natural science, ecology, archeology, mountaineering, geography, and more. Recording videos in real time without filters for real pictures and emotions is possible.

You can add photos and other media files. In addition, there are tools to create inscriptions and headings. It makes your content more informative and engaging.

There are tools to add audio to your story to share nature sounds. You can voice over your video to share your stories and experiences. Support for the USDZ format allows you to create impressive 3D scans for augmented reality viewing.


It is possible to draw inspiration from the content created by other users. There is a search for accounts by name, similar to Instagram. It allows you to find people with common interests in the field of research and nature.

Voiijer provides the ability to collaborate on research and travel. You can share knowledge and skills with other users. There are privacy settings that allow you to limit access to your content. It is possible to share your videos on other social media to attract a larger audience.


  • you can create stories about your travels and explorations;
  • the utility allows you to add photos, videos, and audio, just like in iNaturalist;
  • there is a community for discussions and projects;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 11
Size: 42 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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