Access Care Planning

Access Care Planning

The application helps caregivers plan visits, necessary services, and taking medications. It is possible to create reports and track the patient status.


Access Care Planning is an Android application, a convenient tool for managing patient care and improving communication with caregivers, family members, or funders. This utility includes complete digital plans and forms, eMAR, alerts, and visit verification. There is integration with existing scheduling, rostering, CRM, PAS, and finance systems.

Care planning

The app is designed with a primary focus on simplifying the care scheduling process. Professionals can create, update, and share plans to meet the unique needs or preferences of each patient. Access Care Planning provides task assignment and collaboration among nurses, doctors, as well as caregivers. Team members can communicate, share vital information, and discuss progress within the utility.

Users can create and manage digital care plans and forms, making it easier to keep track of patient status. Access Care Planning includes an electronic medication administration record or eMAR. This feature helps to ensure that clients receive the correct medication at the right time.

Communication and reports

Family members and funders can access patient information, which can help improve communication and coordination of care. There are alerts that can notify users of important events or changes in client status. A visit verification option ensures that patients receive the service they need and that caregivers are providing the appropriate options.

Last but not least, the app reduces paper-based records and documentation, saving time and resources for both administrative and clinical staff. Healthcare organizations can use this tool to streamline reporting.


  • is intended for caregivers, similar to Nursebuddy;
  • helps to communicate with family members and funders;
  • it is possible to create care schedules and reports;
  • allows professionals to keep track of patient status;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 49,7 Mb
OS version: Android 9.0
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