Terms and DMCA

We thoroughly select apps and games when it comes to uploading the content to our portal. However, it does not always guarantee the absence of errors. If material on the website violates your copyright, please inform us about this. You can find our contact details below.

In the letter, we recommend you provide the apps name and a link to the post which violates any copyright laws. After we receive the message, we will do our best to take the necessary steps as soon as possible and delete this content. Besides, we will make all efforts to prevent this work from appearing on our portal in the future.

If you contact us regarding copyright violation, we ask you to provide the documents that prove your intellectual property. As an alternative, you can send us a letter from an email address mentioned in the app or on the official website. It will let us know that you are an official representative of the app.

Report a suspicious file

In addition, it is possible to write messages regarding suspicious files that have been uploaded on our portal. Once again, we carefully check the content before posting it. Although sometimes a file does not seem to contain any viruses, in reality, it can be malicious. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you let us know about such cases.

Please note that according to our terms, users download content at their own risk. We always scan files for viruses, but can not guarantee 100 percent safety of your device.