Root apps for Android

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Mtk easy su
Android 5.0

This is a specialized app that facilitates the rooting process for Android devices powered by MediaTek processors. You will get full control over various subsystems.

Android 5.0

This is a popular application that allows you to root your Android devices. With its help, it is possible to get full control over your phone and its system.

X8 Speeder
Android 5.0

The application has a catalog of modified games and utilities. You have the option to download apk, enjoy improved character skills and use previously paid items.

Root Master
Android 1.5

This application allows you to get superuser rights on your mobile device. Rooting can help you change system settings and files, including pre-installed software.

Root Genius
Android 2.3

The utility is designed to root your Android mobile devices. It is possible to remove system applications and install unofficial firmware modifications.

Android 2.0

The mobile application is designed to obtain superuser rights on different models of tablets and smartphones. The function of running scripts is also supported.

Android 4.2

This application is designed to obtain superuser rights. Allows users to root a mobile device with an operating system from Android 4.2 to Android 5.1.

Android 4.1

The app allows users to get temporary and permanent root rights. These features make it possible to adjust parameters and install certain apps without any problems.

Magisk Manager
Android 4.2

The application is a useful tool for modifying a smartphone’s system. There is an option to install utilities for various purposes that require having root rights.

CWM Recovery
Android 2.2

This utility is an Android custom recovery image that allows users to back up and restore the system, install custom ROMs and updates, root the device as well as perform other tasks.


Android smartphones have various features including exclusive ones. However, you need root rights to log into the account of the main administrator. This section contains different apps which help to solve the problem.

Rooting apps for Android expand the functionality of your mobile device. They allow you to remove the preinstalled software, change shortcuts and default theme as well. Thanks to root rights, you can access system files. It is possible to transfer installed utilities or cache to your SD card, limit mobile data, remove ads and hide the notification panel.

Another advantage that root apps for Android provide is the ability to set up third party firmware. You can completely change not only your smartphone functionality, but also its interface. Rights of the main administrator allow you to update the operating system and download an alternative shell to your mobile device. Moreover, you have the opportunity to free up space by removing unnecessary components.

This section contains a wide range of rooting apps for Android. With their help, you can activate exclusive features, as well as improve the performance and autonomy of your mobile device. In addition, root rights provide full system backup and reset of settings if your smartphone is locked. It is worth noting that these apps can cause damage with incautious use.

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