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CWM Recovery

CWM Recovery

This utility is an Android custom recovery image that allows users to back up and restore the system, install custom ROMs and updates, root the device as well as perform other tasks.


CWM Recovery is an application for Android mobile devices that allows users to perform various system-level operations in the recovery mode. The app replaces the recovery pre installed on your smartphone with a custom recovery image. This allows you to get access to certain functions normally not available, such as installing custom ROMs or unsigned update packages. You may safely try a newer or older version of the operating system, for instance, Android 11.

Recovery from OS

With this utility, you can access the recovery menu without rebooting your smartphone. Here are some of the things you can do with CWM Recovery:

  • root the smartphone;
  • fully backup and restore the system, including settings;
  • apply custom unsigned updates;
  • do factory resetting;
  • run system tests;
  • mount and format partitions;
  • install official and custom ROMs from the Internet, external drives like SD cards, or over-the-air.

It is worth noting that the utility may not work correctly on certain smartphones. You may find the full list of supported devices on the developer’s website. Using CWM Recovery on an unsupported tablet or smartphone may result in its malfunction.


  • free to download;
  • allows to root your smartphone;
  • does not require to restart the device;
  • simple interface;
  • provides additional functionality compared to the stock recovery image.
Downloads: 10500
Size: 3,6 Mb
OS version: Android 2.2
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