Android 11

Android 11

Android 11 is the operating system from Google for mobile devices. It is possible to install the OS and take advantage of new features.

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This is the eleventh major Android OS released by Google. Here you can read more about new features as well as how to download and install the system.

Updated features

One of the major innovations is an integrated screen recording. With Android 11, no additional software is required anymore. It is as easy as clicking on the corresponding icon in the quick access menu.

This version of the OS supports the 5G standard and curved screens. Also, all types of cameras can work with Android 11, including pop-ups and those hidden under the display. Additionally, you are able to use Bluetooth headphones in flight mode.

The eleventh release supports neural networks and animated files as well as offers higher app compatibility. This system includes a smart filter for calls, an integrated picture decoder, low latency HDMI mode, and other features.

Offline installation

You can install Android 11 without connecting to the network. However, only the Developer Preview version, intended for the programmers, has this option of setup.

First, you need to create and save a backup copy in case of unforeseen problems using CWM Recovery or any other suitable app. After that, you are required to install the SDK Platform Tools and the Android Studio development environment on your computer. Then it is possible to download the Android 11 Developer Preview files and move them to the platform-tools folder.

On the mobile device, starting the developer mode and selecting USB debugging is necessary. The system needs to be rebooted by holding down the power key and volume control. After that, you may proceed to the Apply Update tab in bootloader mode. Then, it is left to press the power button as well as connect the smartphone or tablet to the PC using a USB cable.

On a computer, users are required to copy the Android 11 Developer Preview filename to platform tools. It is necessary to type CMD in the search bar for command-line access to enter ADB devices. Now, using the ADB sideload command and the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-V is possible.

After completing the described steps, you may click on the Enter button to start installing this OS from Google. Monitoring the operating system set up in the command line window is available. When the process reaches the 100 percent mark, the mobile device goes into recovery mode. Now, it remains to restart the phone or tablet before the launch of Developer Preview for Android 11.


  • 5G support;
  • offline installation requires a computer and additional software;
  • potential problems with backup;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 11848
Size: 1,6 Gb
OS version: Android 11.0
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