Antivirus software for Android

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Android 7.0

This application is an antivirus that protects your mobile device from malware and spyware. There are various tools for finding a lost or stolen smartphone.

Android 5.0

This app allows you to scan and check your smartphone for threats, malware, spyware, and others. You can receive warnings and recommendations for security settings.

CM Security
Android 4.1

The application is designed to protect mobile devices from viruses. It helps you to scan your smartphone, remove threats, block dangerous links, and clear memory.

360 Security
Android 4.1

It is a multifunctional antivirus app that helps users improve the performance of their smartphone. It is possible to activate scanning and search for malware.


This section provides access to antivirus apps for Android. With their help, it is possible to recognize and remove almost any malware. Antivirus utilities allow you to unlock your smartphone system from ransomware trojan horses and to move these detected threats to quarantine. In addition, it is possible to get rid of new unknown viruses.

Most utilities run in the Background with minimal impact on the performance of your mobile device. It is possible to start a full or partial system scan at any time as well as to check individual files and folders.

Antivirus apps provide security of the smartphone and privacy of data stored on it. By installing such utilities on your mobile device or tablet, you will not have to worry about threats. Using them can protect your smartphone from most viruses, ransomware and spyware in real time.

Many antivirus apps have additional features to improve device security. Anti-phishing guarantees the safety of financial information while using online banking and making purchases online. Moreover, the web filtering blocks dangerous links and sites.

You can download various Antivirus utilities for Android in this section for free. Each app comes with a detailed description based on the professional testing. Thanks to this, you have an opportunity to view the functionality and features of any application before installation.

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