The application provides access to online courses of various kinds. Allows you to create an account and start learning. It is possible to get a certificate.

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Alison is an Android application that allows users to study in various online courses. Students can improve their skills and acquire new ones. There is an opportunity to get a certificate after completing the training.

Preferences and courses

The main page of the utility contains recommendations for the student. They depend on his goals and preferences. Users need to fill out a short questionnaire, indicating the scope of their interests.
The next tab allows you to find information about the desired courses. They can be searched by topic. It is possible to find out detailed information about the duration, the availability of a certificate, the number of modules, and so on.

Then users can select the courses they need and start studying. Students will have to watch video lessons and perform simple tasks. Please note that the application interface and the learning process are implemented in English.

The main topics of the courses are:

  • agriculture;
  • architecture;
  • IT;
  • management and administration;
  • finance;
  • marketing;
  • transport and logistics;
  • other.

After completing the course, you have the opportunity to receive a certificate.


The utility sends reminders to the user about lessons. You can create your schedule. The platform has a support service. Text chat is provided for communication with agents.

The profile section displays all the courses that you are studying or have already studied. Here you can view the received certificates.


  • contains online courses of various kinds;
  • there is the opportunity to receive a certificate, similar to Coursera;
  • reminders are provided;
  • the learning process is implemented in English only;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 76,2 Mb
OS version: Android 7.0
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