This is an Anime streaming service where you can watch the latest titles for free. There is an extensive content collection of various genres and ratings.

Rating: 4 from 5

AnimeHub is an Android application that allows you to keep updated with the latest Anime news and titles provided in the Arabic language. It is possible to stream an extensive collection of TV series as well.

Original functionality

This utility is designed to provide you with the latest news about various Japanese animation projects. There is a separate tab with a list of recent updates about popular upcoming titles and other information.

The homepage of the app contains popular titles, including recently uploaded episodes. You can find a complete list of series in the Anime tab. Unfortunately, developers did not divide the content by genres or categories.

There is a search bar, where you can enter the title. Thus, you may easily find the series you are looking for.

Current state

During the testing, we found out that the utility is not supported by developers at the moment. The main functionality is still available, but you can not find any content in the app. This also applies to anime titles and news.

In other words, this utility does not contain any claimed data. In case you are looking for another anime streaming service, please consider learning more about Zoro. Here you can enjoy the latest series and feature films as well as become a member of the internal fan community.


  • anime streaming service for Arabic-speaking users;
  • designed to provide viewers with the latest anime updates;
  • the utility is no longer supported by developers;
  • using and downloading the app is free;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 7
Size: 7,3 Mb
OS version: Android 4.1
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