An alternative app store for finding and installing exclusive mobile software. It is possible to get unofficial games and applications with rare unusual features.

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Aptoide is an alternative app store for Android smartphones and tablets. With this service, you can find and install unique mobile software.


This platform was created for searching the titles that are not available in the official Google Play market. The applications and games offered in the system are developed by third parties. The Aptoide store has no mandatory registration, which is beneficial for the confidentiality of personal data.

The application provides access to the extensive collection of the most diverse mobile software for any purpose. It is possible to find unofficial clients for social networks, as well as Premium versions of various services. Modifications are available in free access, however, it is worth mentioning that unauthorized applications may pose a risk to your mobile device.

The Aptoide store has an antivirus security system that constantly scans and filters content, but there is no guarantee of complete protection.


This application offers a solution for smartphones and tablets that have no access to Google services. Mobile software in the catalog is divided into categories for convenient search and browsing. It is possible to view the separate libraries of available applications and games that, in turn, are sorted by genre. Each title is accompanied by a detailed description and necessary information that you can access before installation. The data includes version, size, number of downloads, security level, rating, and so on.

There are recommendations from the platform editors in the designated tab. You can also subscribe to the pages of developers and keep track of updates in a timely manner.


  • ability to install games and applications;
  • search by name or genre is available;
  • various appearance themes;
  • cache size limits supported;
  • protection by a PIN code;
  • updates for system utilities;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
Downloads: 16044
Size: 17,8 Mb
OS version: Android 4.1
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