Art set 4

Art set 4

This mobile application is designed for drawing. It offers a set of tools for novice artists. They have the ability to color and create various pictures.

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Art set 4 is an Application for Android devices, which is designed for beginner artists. The utility offers them an extensive selection of different tools for drawing and coloring pictures.

Getting started

At the start, users need to choose a picture they like from the library. Basically, it contains images of various animals in a cartoon style.

Next, users need to indicate whether they are going to draw or just paint the picture. Depending on this, they get a set of various tools.

Drawing opportunities

For drawing, a brush, an eraser, and a fill with color are intended.

It is possible to paint along the contour and without it. Color and brush diameter can be adjusted. Drawing is done step by step. The number of stages depends on the complexity of the picture.

In the case of coloring, users are provided with a selection of ready-made palettes. You can choose individual tints yourself

It is worth noting that any action performed in this app can be canceled. This option helps to correct the mistakes.

You can save the finished picture to the smartphone’s memory, and also share it with friends.


Please note that the application contains a large number of ads, which are quite intrusive.

During testing, it was noticed that the utility performs the declared functions only partially. It lacks tools for drawing in a realistic style. The imitation of watercolor paint is also missing.


  • is designed for drawing, similar to Huion Sketch;
  • helps novice artists to create pictures;
  • offers a set of tools;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 19,5 Mb
OS version: Android 4.4
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