British Gas

British Gas

The application is created for energy consumption monitoring. It is possible to track your gas and electricity usage, pay bills, as well as report issues.


British Gas is an Android application that allows users from Great Britain to manage their energy accounts from anywhere. It is possible to track gas and electricity consumption as well as pay bills.

Energy usage and payments

This tool helps you to take control of your energy usage and much more. You can track your current balance, details, tariffs, and payment history. There is a separate tab for viewing and settling your energy bills.

The app provides real-time information on your energy consumption. You can monitor your gas and electricity usage to save energy and reduce costs. With the utility, you can submit meter readings, ensuring your bills are accurate and based on actual usage.

Repair and tips

Moreover, British Gas offers boiler care and repair services to fix a problem with your gas or electricity supply. It is possible to report issues, book service appointments, and track the progress of requests.

There are personalized energy-saving tips to help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your costs. In addition, British Gas provides exclusive offers, rewards, discounts, and promotions. Also, the app sends notifications to remind you when your bill is due, when your meter needs to be read, and when your usage is higher than usual.


  • is intended for residents of Great Britain, similar to Waitrose;
  • it is possible to track your energy consumption;
  • you can report issues and book service appointments;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 91,4 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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