CN Sayin

CN Sayin

This app is intended primarily for children and teenagers who are fans of the Cartoon Network. The utility allows users to record funny videos and share them.

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CN Sayin is an Android application that is intended primarily for children and teenagers, fans of Cartoon Network TV. The official utility invites them to record short videos and send them to the editors of the channel. Then these clips will be shown in a special program.

Recording and sending

You can use this application without registration. At the start, you have to indicate your age.

Next, the utility offers to record a short clip. In it, users need to complete a certain task, for example, say five phrases from popular animations and TV shows broadcast on the Cartoon Network channel. The list of challenges for videos is constantly updated.

It is possible to save your clip and send it to the editors of the TV channel. The best videos will be shown in a special program.

If your clip is selected for broadcasting, you will need to provide your personal data.


Please note that there are certain rules and restrictions for filming:

  • there should be only one person in the clip;
  • you can not wear T-shirts with any logos in your video;
  • it is desirable to record on a black, white, pink, blue, or yellow background;
  • editors do not recommend shooting videos with a negative or dull context.


Unfortunately, the application is not active at the moment. Apparently, the developers stopped supporting it.


  • designed for Cartoon Network fans;
  • invites them to record short videos, similar to TikTok;
  • users can send clips to the editors of the channel:
  • the best videos will be shown in a TV program;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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Size: 24,8 Mb
OS version: Android 4.4
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