Best Holiday Apps for Android

Holiday Car Wash Club
Holiday Pirate
First Choice Holiday
Holiday Extras
Costco Wholesale
Holiday Resort Unity
Thomson Holiday
Holiday 365
Holiday Countdown
Holiday Inn Express

A selection of the best holiday apps for Android. Regardless of what the perfect vacation is for you, here it is possible to find the ultimate travel solution.

Holiday Inn Express is made by the world’s leading hotel company. The platform incorporated feedback from owners, teams and guests to build a service that benefits everyone. With thousands of accommodations from all over the globe and a unique loyalty program, anyone can afford to book a room at a reasonable price.

If you already planned everything out and just wait for the journey, Holiday Countdown is the suitable choice for you. Setting the timer will let you accurately track how many days, hours, minutes and even seconds left until the upcoming trip. In order not to forget the essential things and documents, you can make a simple checklist.

Different needs require different types of vacation. This is especially true for older people. Holiday 365 is specifically designed for this purpose. Residents of the associated retirement community can conveniently request various services right from their smartphone. There is also a personal calendar with a detailed overview of all the activities users signed-up for.

Thomson Holiday arranges family journeys, business trips, picnics, honeymoon packages and cruise stay solutions for those, who are not yet sure about their ideal vacation. Featuring travel agencies, airlines, hotels and liners in all major destinations around the world, the service covers the entire tourism value chain in one place.

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