This is a robust data recovery app. It is designed to restore lost or accidentally deleted files from various types of media, including hard drives and memory cards.


DiskDigger is an Android application that allows you to recover lost or deleted data. It is possible to restore photos, videos, audio, documents, and more.

Data recovery

The app is a robust data recovery software. With its help, you can restore lost or accidentally deleted files from various types of media, including hard drives, USB storage, and memory cards. It is capable of recovering a wide range of file types, such as photos, videos, audio, documents, and others.

There are two different scanning modes – Basic and Full. The former quickly scans the device for files that have been recently deleted. In the meantime, the latter does a more thorough search to recover files that have been lost for a longer period.

One of the significant features of DiskDigger is the ability to preview files before recovering them. Additionally, the utility allows you to save the restored data to a location of your choice. It can also upload the files to an FTP server or a network folder.


DiskDigger supports various file formats like JPG, PNG, MP4, MP3, PDF, DOC, and more. It is also compatible with multiple devices, including Windows PCs, Android phones, and others. Thus, making its functionality a suitable choice for everyone.


  • is a data recovery software, just like Dr Fone;
  • you can restore various types of files;
  • supports a wide range of storage devices;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 1
Size: 5,7 Mb
OS version: Android 4.4
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