Drawing and painting apps for Android

This section contains the best drawing apps for Android. With their help, you can create full-fledged digital drawings on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Many utilities are almost as functional as professional graphic editing software, and in some ways even surpass them.

There is a wide range of drawing apps with different opportunities. It is possible to use them for both beginners and professional artists. Drawing utilities for Android provide various tools including layers, brushes, stencils, masks, presets and more. You can create sketches from scratch or draw on ready-made pictures. Also, it is not important to have a stylus. The applications allow you to make all necessary actions with your fingers. Most apps have a function to detect random palm touches and not respond to them.

Drawing and painting apps have a lot of advantages. They allow you to zoom in, work with multiple images at the same time, adjust brush settings, rotate the canvas to a convenient angle as well as undo or redo actions. Certain utilities support dynamic symmetry, customized color swatches, gradient and texture fill. You often need to turn on brush smoothing and jagged lines with flaws will disappear automatically.

Here you can download drawing apps for Android with any functionality. The presented utilities provide access to a wide range of tools, which help to create digital paintings, drawings and other graphics.

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Art set 4
Android 4.4
Rating: 0 from 5

This mobile application is designed for drawing. It offers a set of tools for novice artists. They have the ability to color and create various pictures.

Huion Sketch
Android 5.0
Rating: 4 from 5

Download Huion Sketch App for Android. The utility is intended for drawing sketches and illustrations on a smartphone or a tablet. It supports work with a stylus.

Android 1.5
Rating: 3 from 5

This app is for editing and processing photos. It is possible to add stamps, frames, arrows, lines, and drawings to the image. There are various colors and tools.

Android 2.2
Rating: 3 from 5

A mobile application that is designed to create comics. It is possible to draw caricatures of yourself and your friends, and then share them via social media.

Android 5.0
Rating: 0 from 5

The application is a convenient graphic editor from Sony. Here users can work on portraits, landscapes, and other projects. It is possible to save and share your drawings.

Android 4.0
Rating: 5 from 5

The utility is designed for painters and illustrators. Using it, you can create pictures and animations. Offers a wide range of customizable tools.