Galaxy Enhance X

Galaxy Enhance X

This app is designed for Samsung smartphones and allows you to perform color correction and improve image quality in one click. There is a face recognition function.

Rating: 3 from 5

Galaxy Enhance X is an Android application that allows you to fix bad shots and adjust photo parameters in one click. This utility uses artificial intelligence algorithms for image processing. A minimalistic interface helps you edit pictures quickly and easily. Keep in mind that this software is designed only for certain smartphone models from Samsung.


After launching the utility, you can instantly select a photo from the gallery. Next, you have to press the magic button and the algorithm will analyze the image to apply the best available effects. Artificial intelligence autonomically improves clarity, increases resolution, eliminates defects, and makes other corrections.

At the end of processing, the picture is usually divided into two parts: before and after. By moving the slider, you can compare the edited image with the original. It is possible to save the ready-made photo in JPEG format.

Manual processing

Similar to InstaBeauty, this photo editor allows you to crop and frame photos. You can manually change the brightness, sharpness, and other parameters of the picture.

Galaxy Enhance X supports the function of increasing the resolution without losing quality. It is possible to remove blur and moiré patterns. Additionally, there are many filters and effects.


  • allows you to automatically adjust photo parameters;
  • it is possible to edit images using artificial intelligence;
  • there is a preview mode;
  • you can increase the resolution of the image without loss in quality;
  • the utility is available for Samsung smartphones only;
  • app is free to use and download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 54
Size: 122 Mb
OS version: Android 10.0
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