Harmony OS

Harmony OS

An official operating system by Huawei for smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. It is compatible with a wide range of products from the Chinese technology corporation as well as its partners.

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Huawei has officially released its operating system Harmony OS. It can be installed on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other electronic devices.


Harmony OS is positioned as an innovative operating system. Not only does it allow you to synchronize multiple gadgets, but also links them with each other. According to the developers, this OS is designed to be installed on a large number of devices, including coffee machines, smartwatches, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, laptops, and more.

The new operating system enables home automation with the Internet of things and offers electronic control of domestic appliances. In order for the Harmony OS to work without failures, only 128 MB of RAM is required. Thus, it can be installed on outdated tablets and smartphones.

It is expected that the OS can soon run on watches, headphones, TVs, household appliances, and cars. A single control center is provided for the comfortable use of linked devices. With this system, you may output video from a smartphone to a television and vice versa in one click.

It is possible to send a recipe to the stove being in the proximity or program the refrigerator to set the optimal temperature for storing food. Users are able to link statistics from the treadmill to the data on their fitness bracelets. There is also support for opening doors with a smartwatch.

Harmony OS provides synchronization and protection against crashes. This allows you to quickly switch between gadgets, so you may watch movies or play games without reducing the quality of the connection.

Supported Models

Huawei is confident that in 2022 the number of smartphones and tablets running Harmony OS will reach a billion devices. This operating system is already available for Huawei branded and partner products.

Also, over 600,000 developers have joined the Harmony project by 2019. Huawei expects this metric to reach 10 million in 2022.

The full list of supported devices includes hundreds of models and can be found on the official website.

Download and installation

To install Harmony OS, you need one of the supported smartphones or tablets released in the Chinese market. First, users are required to open AppGallery and install Huawei Club. After that, logging in to the application and agreeing to install the software to update the device to Harmony OS is necessary.

Downloads: 7938
Size: 1,1 Gb
OS version: Harmony OS 2.0.0
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