This mobile application is an innovative dating service. This utility is focused on finding friends and serious relationships nearby and around the world.

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Hinge is an application that is developed by a platform of the same name. It positions itself as a new generation service that is designed to find friends and partners for real dates and serious relationships.

Getting started

At the start, you need to go through the registration and account verification procedures. This is necessary so that fake profiles do not appear on the service.

The utility offers you to complete a detailed questionnaire and provide various information about yourself. This will help the system to determine the type of your person and select singles for you according to your preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle.

The poll contains questions about religion, politics, future plans, and so on.

Voice prompts

A distinctive feature of this application is the presence of voice prompts. The utility offers you a phrase that you need to complete. It has to be done via voice message, that is placed in your profile under the photo.

The voice prompt allows clients of the service to better understand you, hear your real voice, and learn more about your personality.

Profiles and matches

It is possible to view profiles using swipes and find a match. Users can like and comment on photos and posts. It helps to start a conversation.

The system recommends other clients that suit you according to the questionnaire. In addition, this service tracks the matches in comments and likes, which can indicate the same attitude towards certain topics. This allows for even more personalization.


The content in the app is moderated to avoid posts containing aggression, intolerance, and so on, similar to Badoo.


  • is an innovative dating service;
  • offers users to complete a detailed questionnaire;
  • helps to find a serious relationship;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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Size: 79.8 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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