Insight Timer

Insight Timer

With this app you can take various courses and listen to music to learn how to meditate and improve your sleep. It is possible to access over 100000 audio guides.


Insight Timer is an Android application that allows you to meditate and improve your sleep. There is an option to join live coaching sessions.


With this utility you can calm yourself down by listening to music and learning various techniques. You may access over 100000 guided meditations to reduce stress and anxiety. It is possible to create your own playlists and collect all your favorite songs to your profile. There are also live sessions from professional coaches which help you to recognize your emotions and psychological state. Unlike Aura Health, Insight Timer contains different courses that teach you how to control your feelings.


You can explore songs based on your purposes such as yoga, meditation, sleep and others. In order to calm yourself down, you may turn on the music or audio guide and reduce stress. There is an option to check the description of courses and see how many days you need to spend on certain lessons. It is also possible to gain knowledge and learn the skills to control your emotions and relieve anxiety.

Please note that Insight Timer includes several subscription packages that are optional to purchase. If you would like to use the application with limited access, you do not have to buy membership.


  • helps to reduce stress and learn how to control emotions;
  • there are various courses and audio guides from psychologists;
  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • it is possible to join live coaching sessions.
Downloads: 13
Size: 112 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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