The application provides insurance cover for various products including watches, jewelry, and electronic devices. Users can track the value of their belongings.

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Kovernow is an Android application that allows users to insure against loss and damage of various personal items with affordable rates.

Insure belongings

Users can take insurance coverage for their belongings. It is possible to get financial support if an item gets damaged or lost. The service will cover the full price. Such protection might be quite helpful for those who would like to receive compensation if their valuable and expensive stuff is broken.

Kovernow offers affordable rates for its services. You can pay a certain amount of money for protection and be sure that you get compensation. There is a wide range of items you may add to your insurance list:

  • watches;
  • jewellery;
  • electronic devices;
  • handbags;
  • and other.

Moreover, the application adds new categories for items regularly.


Here you can keep your belongings and check their value. In other words, the app lets you see how much all your products are worth combined. Kovernow provides an option to insure as many items as you want.

Adding a new product to the list is quite simple. You need to take a photo of your item, add a short description with characteristics and apply for insurance. If some of your belongings get damaged, you can easily make a claim and wait for a reply.


  • provides insurance cover for various items;
  • compared to Discovery Insure, this utility is developed for users who live in Singapore;
  • possible to view a value of products added to the list;
  • app is free to use and download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 1
Size: 21.5 Mb
OS version: Android 7.0
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