Lenovo Weather

Lenovo Weather

The app offers a weather forecast for the day and the coming week. The service automatically detects your location, but you can select the desired city or locality.

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Lenovo Weather is an Android application with a forecast of climatic conditions. The utility has information about the expected air temperature, precipitation and atmospheric pressure.


The climate app is designed for Lenovo brand tablets. Owners have an option to explore the weather forecast in the utility or install a widget with a summary of the day’s information on the home screen.

Lenovo Weather shows the weather forecast for the day and the upcoming week. There is information about expected minimum and maximum temperatures as well as precipitation. Warnings about bad climate conditions are provided. It will help you plan your weekend trips better.

The application can determine the area, using the geolocation of the mobile device. If necessary, it is possible to select a city or settlement by yourself. This is handy when traveling to new places. So that you can better get ready for the journey.


Lenovo Weather allows you to select temperature units. As in HUAWEI Weather information is available in Fahrenheit and Celsius. There is a language localization of the interface. You may choose this option yourself.

The application offers a beautiful interactive widget for the main screen. With the picture you will see the weather conditions.


  • monitoring of the climate in different places is available;
  • it is possible to install the widget on the main screen;
  • there is a language localization;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
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Size: 8,2 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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