Miss Universe Philippines

Miss Universe Philippines

It is an app that allows you to learn about candidates of the Miss Universe Philippines. You may also receive notifications about posts of the participants.

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Miss Universe Philippines is an Android application where you can read information about the eponymous pageant and its candidates. Just like in OCEARCH Shark Tracker, there is video content and branded products.


This utility is designed for people who are interested in Miss Universe of the Philippines. It is possible to explore news and articles about events of the pageant. You may also follow the candidates and always stay up to date with information about these people. Moreover, the application sends you notifications so you do not miss anything important.

How it works

There is a homepage with a feed where you can just scroll to explore the content. Each post in Miss Universe Philippines comes with a preview image and information about candidates. Moreover, you may watch various videos and find out interesting facts.

It is also possible to purchase numerous branded products from participants of Miss Universe Philippines. In addition, you can learn the biography of members and, as it was mentioned before, follow your favorite ones to get notifications about these people.

What is most important, that you may vote for the Miss Universe Philippines in the eponymous application and choose your candidate. Moreover, all information about this event is provided by this utility.


  • it is possible to vote for the Miss Universe Philippines;
  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • sends notifications about posts of the candidates;
  • there is an option to purchase exclusive items from the participants of the pageant.
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Size: 15,6 Mb
OS version: 5.0
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