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The application allows you to manage various system tools. It is possible to run an easy reboot to Recovery mode and update the firmware of the gadget.

Rating: 2 from 5

MobileUncle is an Android application for detailed configuration of your mobile device. Through the advanced settings users can manage the phone, utilities and other components.

Make changes

The mobile app offers tools for working with the gadget. It is possible to find hidden processes, restore data over the network and perform IMEI backups. This is only part of the broad functionality.

MobileUncle collects system data. On the home page you will find information about the battery, statistics on applications, battery life, internet connectivity and much more. It is possible to examine all the indicators and make changes to the sound, sensor and GSM mode settings.

It is important to note that the utility is designed for devices with MediaTek processors. On other gadgets, users will not be able to run the utility to see technical information and change configuration.

For people with experience

MobileUncle is suitable for experienced users who like to make changes to the firmware of their mobile device. Such people understand the details of the data in the system and can make correct changes.

For those who love to explore gadgets, there is the Harmony OS app. This is an innovative operating system that is able to link and synchronize several devices at once, such as smart watches, vacuum cleaners, laptops and more.


  • you can improve the sound quality and volume level;
  • an opportunity to control the engineering mode;
  • there are tools to update the firmware;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
Downloads: 11
Size: 1,2 Mb
OS version: Android 4.0
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SuperSU Pro Root
Android 2.8
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An application that allows you to get superuser rights on a mobile device. Also, it helps to temporarily disable them. Requires root to work correctly.

Android 5.0
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The mobile app contains a database of water resources in Punjab. Users can explore water supply schemes as well as the status of water purity and treatment.

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The mobile app is developed by a network marketing company. You can read all the terms and become a member. Tools help you do your work and increase your income.

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The app was developed by an institution of higher learning in Tanzania. Professors can access student information, including personal data and grades, at any time.

Play Store
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Designed by Google, this marketplace is the biggest source of applications for Android. Here users can also download games, movies, books, magazines and more.

Version29.6.15-21 [0] [PR] 432501512
Harmony OS
Harmony OS 2.0.0
Rating: 4 from 5

An official operating system by Huawei for smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. It is compatible with a wide range of products from the Chinese technology corporation as well as its partners.