Money SMS

Money SMS

This is an application that allows any smartphone owner to earn real money by receiving SMS messages. The withdrawal to electronic wallets is supported.

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Money SMS is an Android application that provides additional earnings. Users can register their cell phone number, after which the accruals go automatically.

How it works

You have the opportunity to earn real money. Most services offering to gain cash online require a lot of time and have a minimum prime rate. Under such conditions, it is quite difficult to accumulate a substantial amount to deposit, as such work takes a lot of attention and effort in a short period of time.

Money SMS allows you to get real money to your personal account by receiving messages. The mechanism is arranged as follows. After installing the application and registering a personal account, you need to provide the necessary access rights to SMS and calls.

As in McMoney, your phone number will receive messages at regular intervals. You have an option to enter the text manually or let the utility process all incoming SMS automatically.


For each received message and entered text, a cash reward of 0.02 euros is credited to the account. Please, note that this process requires minimal intervention from the user and occurs in semi-automatic mode. It is only necessary to periodically monitor the reception of messages and text input.

Money SMS allows you to withdraw cash through electronic wallets of various cryptocurrencies. It is possible to use such payment systems as PayPal and WebMoney.


  • requires access rights to calls and SMS;
  • you need to have a permanent Internet connection;
  • everything is done in semi-automatic mode;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
Downloads: 928
Size: 4,3 Mb
OS version: Android 4.0
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