MRCE Handbook

MRCE Handbook

The app is created in cooperation with NorthStandard P&I Association, a well-known insurance company. This utility helps to investigate maritime accidents.

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MRCE Handbook is an Android app designed specifically for members and correspondents of the NorthStandard P&I Association. This company is engaged in marine insurance and is well known in the UK.

General information

The utility helps users to create internal reports of ship incidents. This simplifies the process of collecting evidence of maritime accidents.

How to use

The application can be used by anyone who works on or visits the ship and helps collect evidence to support insurance disputes. Employees of the shipping company need to have a MyNorth account in order to register in this utility as administrators.

Then, they can invite crew members to apply this tool and report incidents. Thus, senior officers, surveyors, and other onshore technical and marine personnel can become users.

Please note that the app requires registration with personal data and email addresses.

The utility itself is extremely easy to use. It helps to quickly and efficiently collect evidence of maritime incidents. This tool provides the following features:

  • simple creation of checklists and their sending;
  • online and offline access 24/7;
  • saving checklists in secure cloud storage until they are uploaded by the recipient;
  • access to Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence Handbook;
  • collecting photos and videos and sending them.

The application includes a source guide that describes the most common accidents and incidents on board the ship. There are standard checklists for collecting evidence for each of these cases.

It is worth noting that all uploaded certificates, documents, and reports are stored in the cloud storage and the insurance company does not have access to them, accordingly, does not affect them in any way.


  • helps users to create internal reports of maritime accidents;
  • just like Manulife, is an official client of the well-known insurance company;
  • it is possible to create checklists and send them;
  • users can collect photos and videos as evidences;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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Size: 29,2 Мb
OS version: Android 6.0
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