My Morri

My Morri

With the app, employers can view the work and vacation schedules of Morrison supermarkets in Great Britain. There are salary statements and financial statistics. 


My Morri is an Android application for employees of the Morrison supermarkets in Great Britain. There is 24/7 access to access to work schedules and other information. It is possible to apply for vacation.

Information for employees

The app allows you to view monthly salary statements. There is information about bonuses and more. It allows you to download documents to your smartphone in PDF format. It is possible to transfer the history for comparison and tracking of changes in your fees.

There are lists with financial information and statistics. The utility offers useful data such as tax deductions and others. It helps to maintain transparency and efficient financial management.

Employees can view information about medical services. It is possible to access health insurance and other benefits. Users get access to submitting applications for vaccination. Moreover, there is data related to career development, education, and other aspects of employees’ work. Access to form documents and instruction manuals is provided.


One of the main features of this app is applying for vacation. It simplifies the filling and submission of documents. The utility allows you to track the approval status.

My Morri provides a vacation schedule for employees. It helps to plan the work timetable. The platform offers various leave types such as pay, free, or personal. If you are looking for an app that provides discounts at Morrisons stores, you may consider Morrisons More.


  • there are work and vacation schedules;
  • you can view salary statements;
  • the utility has financial statistics;
  • information about medical services and career development is provided;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 3
Size: 48 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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