Naukri com

Naukri com


The application allows Indian users to search for jobs on the go. There is an opportunity to read useful tips, create a resume, and contact recruiters.

Downloads: 1
Size: 14,9 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
Package version: 17.9

Naukri com is an Android application that helps users from India view vacancies and search for suitable jobs. This platform also offers tips and tutorials for employees.

Getting started

At the start, you need to register by entering a phone number, email address, and some personal data. In addition, you have to fill out a questionnaire where you specify your skills, education, and preferences. It is possible to attach copies of diplomas and certificates.

Vacancies and requests

The application contains a large amount of useful information and helps to fill out a resume correctly. There are articles, tips, and tutorials. When looking for a job, you can use various filters such as:

It is possible to set alerts for new vacancies, just like in JobsDB. There are up to 5 job reminders in the following industries: IT, accounting, e-commerce, finance, design, and much more. It is possible to search for freelance and remote work, as well as vacancies abroad.

Moreover, this utility provides the opportunity to shoot a short presentation video in which to tell about yourself and your skills. Also, you can apply for vacancies, track the status of submitted requests and receive letters from employers in the built-in mailbox.


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