Pivotal Living

Pivotal Living

The application is a companion for eponymous gadgets. It allows you to track your daily activity, the number of calories burned, sleep quality, and so on.

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Pivotal Living is an Android application that reads information from eponymous fitness gadgets. This utility is the official mobile companion of the Pivotal Living Smart Scale and Living Activity Sleep Tracker.

Getting started

At the start, users need to synchronize the application with their existing Pivotal Living device. To do this, Bluetooth must be enabled.

This application allows users to receive information about:

  • the number of steps taken and the distance;
  • calories burned;
  • time of physical activity;
  • the quality and duration of sleep;
  • nutrition and water consumption;
  • weight and body fat percentage.

The utility receives information from synchronized gadgets 24/7, saves it, and maintains statistics. Users can view their activity, nutrition, and sleep data in charts and graphs.


General information is displayed on the dashboard page. Here you can navigate to tabs that display detailed data. The Network section allows you to view information about other users, add them as friends, and track their activity. It is possible to create competitions and challenges.

You can set reminders for training, meals, and water drinking. In addition, the app reminds you if you are in a stationary position for too long.


This application is not active at the moment. Apparently, the developers have stopped supporting it. The Pivotal brand also ceased to exist.


  • like LG Fitness, it is a companion for eponymous fitness gadgets;
  • offers to receive and display information about the user’s activity;
  • you can set reminders;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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Size: 20,2 Mb
OS version: Android 4.3
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