The app is a companion for the vaporizer of the eponymous brand. It allows you to configure and diagnose the device, adjust the heating temperature, and so on.

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Puffco is a mobile application for Android, which is a companion for the gadget of the same name. The utility is official. It was developed by Puffco Corp. With its help, users can diagnose and configure their vaporizer.

Purpose and opportunities

This app syncs with the device via Bluetooth and scans its settings. Thus, users can determine the vaporizer temperature and change it. There are built-in heating profiles that can be used by default. Users can also create their own ones and specify parameters for them.

In addition to the heating setting, there is also a choice of dubbing duration. This is what Boost mode is for.

Moreover, it is possible to change the colors of the LED backlight of the device. You can adjust the shades changing, that depends on the temperature of the gadget.

There is a Flashlight mode. It provides active lighting with changing colors and animations. The so-called Hidden routine also is possible. In this case, the backlight will be disabled.


This utility allows you to diagnose a vaporizer in real time. You can determine the temperature of the bowl, as well as the percentage of battery charge. In case of any problems with the gadget, you may contact support directly through the application.


  • is a companion app, similar to kisslink;
  • helps users to diagnose and configure their vaporizer;
  • there are many operation modes, such as Flashlight, Hidden, etc.;
  • offers to adjust heating temperature;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 59,5 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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