The application is an unofficial mobile client of the popular eponymous web resource. This utility allows you to manage your account and search for information.

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ResearchGate is an application for Android that allows you to view information from a well-known website of the same name. The open-source utility is not official. It is developed by the ResearchGate fan community.


The application can be used by both account holders and guests. Authorization is desirable but not required. You can apply your Google profile to sign in. The utility does not contain ads and does not collect the personal data of clients.


This utility provides access to content from a wide community of scientists and developers. Users can search for publications, share research materials, connect with like-minded people, and exchange views.

The application offers to search among 135 million pages. There are such topics as:

  • engineering;
  • computer science;
  • biology;
  • climate change;
  • astrophysics and many others.

You can run your blog and publish research results. The utility displays the statistics of the publication’s views. It is possible to search for employees and form teams. Moreover, users can respond to vacancies posted on the platform.

There is a separate tab for content searching. You can look for publications by title, subject, and author. Also, you may ask questions and receive answers to them.

For publishing projects and research, there is an icon with a plus sign at the top of the screen. Also, a menu access button is available. It allows you to go to your account settings, support developers, and invite friends. A download link can be sent via messengers and social networks, for example, Signal.


  • provides access to the community of scientists and developers;
  • offers users to publish research results;
  • allows to respond to vacancies;
  • is not official;
  • app is free to use and download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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Size: 1,8 Mb
OS version: Android 6.0
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