Root Genius

Root Genius

The utility is designed to root your Android mobile devices. It is possible to remove system applications and install unofficial firmware modifications.

Rating: 4 from 5

Root Genius is an Android application that allows you to get superuser rights on your device. The utility is compatible with smartphones and tablets from various manufacturers. It is possible to perform rooting in one click, as well as remove superuser rights if necessary.


Please make sure to back up important data and settings before using the app. It should be noted that the developer is not responsible for possible damage to the mobile device that may occur during the operation of the utility. In addition, please keep in mind that obtaining root rights leads to the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty.


After launching the application, the information about the presence or absence of superuser rights will appear on the screen. The utility allows you to get root rights by clicking the button on the homepage. After completing the process, you have to restart your mobile device.

Rooting allows you to install unofficial firmware using such apps as Flashify. In addition, you can remove pre-installed applications and change system settings. It is also possible to overclock the CPU by selecting the frequency.

If necessary, the application allows you to remove superuser rights and return the mobile device to its original state. To do so, you have to find the mentioned feature in the main menu.


  • designed to obtain superuser rights;
  • it is possible to root devices from various manufacturers;
  • please make sure to back up important data before using the utility;
  • app is free to use and download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 95
Size: 6,9 Мб
OS version: Android 2.3
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Root Master
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Rating: 4 from 5

This application allows you to get superuser rights on your mobile device. Rooting can help you change system settings and files, including pre-installed software.

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This application is designed to obtain superuser rights. Allows users to root a mobile device with an operating system from Android 4.2 to Android 5.1.

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This utility is an Android custom recovery image that allows users to back up and restore the system, install custom ROMs and updates, root the device as well as perform other tasks.