Skinny Direct

Skinny Direct

This is the official app from the cellular service provider in New Zealand. Customers can use it to manage tariffs and services as well as to check their balances.

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Skinny Direct is an Android application from the New Zealand mobile network operator. With its help customers can manage their account. New users may view the information of interest and order a SIM card.


When launching the app for the first time, users can log in by the phone number registered with Skinny. New customers have an opportunity to order and activate a sim card in a few clicks.

In your personal account there are sections with detailed information about the cellular operator. You can explore Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and tariff plans from the company. In addition, there is a block with personal data, namely the history of all calls, sms and Internet traffic.

For customers

Skinny Direct provides access to a personal account. Subscribers have the ability to top up their balance using bank cards and electronic wallets. They can also check balances by minutes, messages and Internet packages.

It is possible to activate and disconnect various services. You can analyze the details of all expenses and switch to a new plan that best suits you.

For people living in New Zealand, there are a number of useful utilities in the catalog. For example, they can download Sharesies to invest money in local brands or popular global companies.


  • there are individual offers and discounts from the operator;
  • it is possible to replenish the balance online;
  • you can change tariff plans;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
Size: 4,5 Mb
OS version: Android 4.0
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