The application is a VPN tool for entering blocked websites and portals. Users can hide their personal information and be sure that their privacy is protected.

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TubeNet is an application for Android with which users can protect their privacy online. It is possible to connect to VPN services and access various sites that are blocked in certain regions.


The utility is a VPN tool that allows users to safely visit websites. It is possible to hide personal data so that third parties or commercial companies will not be able to access it. Such protection is achieved thanks to encrypted network connection.

The process of activating VPN is quite simple. All you have to do is to click on the Connect button on the main page. Before turning on TubeNet, it is possible to view a list of servers and select the one you prefer most.

There is a section with settings where you can adjust some parameters for convenient usage. It is also possible to update configurations and view account details.


To establish a connection, it is necessary to sign up. The only nuance is that you have to pay a certain amount of money to create an account. Otherwise, servers will not be available. Moreover, the app does not seem to work correctly. When you activate VPN, nothing happens, except for graphic changes on the main screen. If you would like to use an encrypted network, you may download RiseupVPN.


  • allows to connect to an encrypted server and access blocked websites;
  • users can protect their privacy online;
  • necessary to purchase a premium account to activate VPN;
  • app is free to use and download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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OS version: Android 4.1
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Android 4.1
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Application for bypassing geographic restrictions on the Internet. The utility allows you to access blocked sites, programs and video broadcasts.