Unified Remote

Unified Remote

It is an app that allows you to access and use various utilities on your personal computer remotely. There is an option to record voice commands to control devices.


Unified Remote is an application for Android with which you can control various devices remotely. It is possible to program NFC tags on your phone.

Basic information

This utility allows you to access and control your PCs, keyboards, screens and other devices. There are more than 90 remoting modes which you can try and choose for your convenience. You may record voice commands to launch programs on your desktop and switch on music. It is also possible to control your television set to watch movies and stream videos on platforms. In addition, Unified Remote supports Mac, Linux and Windows which makes this application more accessible.

Remote control

It is possible to connect your phone to your personal computer or any other devices. You can switch on and use over 70 applications on your TV set, laptop and tablet. In order to get more convenience, you may display Floating Remotes and watch television or control PCs. There is an option to listen to music on Spotify, stream video on YouTube and edit your presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Unified Remote allows you to control NFC actions to complete payments and other operations. If you would like to disconnect your phone from devices, you can go to the homepage and tap the main button.


  • allows you to control your PCs and television set remotely;
  • there is an option to turn on music and stream videos;
  • free to download and use;
  • it is possible to edit your presentations from your phone;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 96
Size: 6 Mb
OS version: 4.1
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