VPN apps for Android

In this section, you can download various apps which provide Internet privacy. Every VPN app for Android featured here, allows you to access a stable network connection through secure servers.

Virtual private networks can not only protect user data, but also provide access to any web resources. With their help, it is possible to open websites which are blocked for some reason in certain regions by local Internet providers and mobile operators.

Using VPN, you can become completely anonymous online. Aggregators, social networks, search engines and other large web resources will not be able to collect user information for further sale or personalized advertising.

It is worth noting that not every VPN app for Android provides all features for free. It often happens that you need to get a paid subscription or make one time payment for activating them. These include access to all servers, a more stable connection as well as the complete absence of ads. However, most utilities provide a free trial period.

Before you download the VPN application for Android from our catalog, you can see its detailed description and screenshots. All texts are compiled by editors of the portal after thorough personal testing.

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Simple Server
Android 2.3
Rating: 0 from 5

The mobile application provides an opportunity to connect to a proxy server. Users have an option to enter data, including Host and Port, and access blocked sites.

Proton VPN
Android 6.0
Rating: 0 from 5

This is the mobile app that helps to bypass provider network blocking. Allows you to encrypt traffic, protect your personal data and hide your real IP address.

Android 5.0
Rating: 5 from 5

The app provides anonymous Internet surfing. You have an option to access sites that are blocked in the country. The utility offers 10 GB of free traffic per month.

Android 4.1
Rating: 0 from 5

The application is a VPN tool for entering blocked websites and portals. Users can hide their personal information and be sure that their privacy is protected.

Android 4.1
Rating: 4 from 5

Application for bypassing geographic restrictions on the Internet. The utility allows you to access blocked sites, programs and video broadcasts.