Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me

With this application, US users can keep themselves, their friends, and families safe. The utility allows them to share their location and send an emergency alert.

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Watch Over Me is an Android app that helps US users keep themselves, their families, and friends safe. It allows them to share their location with loved ones and send them an alert in case of an emergency.

How to use

For the correct use of the application, enabled GPS navigation is required. The utility offers you to build a route and then share your location in real time. To do this, you need to select several people from the contact log who will be your proxies.

Next, you have to choose the period of time during which you want to transmit information about your location. While walking or driving, you can add photos and take notes about visited places.

Routes and alerts

The application tracks your location for a given period of time and checks if it matches the chosen route. It marks your movement at checkpoints.

If you deviated from the route and did not check-in, a danger alert will be sent to the selected persons. This is provided via Facebook, email, or SMS.

In an emergency situation, users can send a special alert to their loved ones. To do this, they need to shake the phone. Sending an alarm can be canceled within 10 seconds.


A distinctive feature of this application is the sending notifications about dangerous criminal areas in which users are currently moving. It is possible to enable tracking after receiving such an alert. This option works in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. The developers plan to add Boston and other US cities.


During testing, it turned out that this service had stopped working. The app is no longer supported by the developers.


  • helps users keep their friends and family safe, similar to TrackView;
  • some options operate in several US cities;
  • you can share locations and send emergency alerts;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 1
OS version: Android 4.0
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