WP Poczta

WP Poczta

This is a comprehensive email application developed by Wirtualna Polska. It provides a set of features designed to make mail management as convenient as possible.


WP Poczta is an Android application created by Wirtualna Polska, the biggest Poland’s internet portal. You can easily send, receive, and manage emails.

Email management

The app is designed with a clear layout, which allows for efficient use of all its functionalities. You can receive emails instantly via push notifications as well as read and respond to them either online or offline. It is possible to quickly search through all your mail folders. The utility also categorizes messages into different binders like Promos, Social, and Shopping.

Another key feature of WP Poczta is its ability to integrate contacts from both your mailbox and your phone. Moreover, the app also includes gallery attachments, enabling you to find, view, and share files. In addition, the conversation view organizes all messages about a specific topic into the same section in chronological order.

External accounts

WP Pocztal provides functionality to connect external email providers, allowing you to manage multiple accounts from a single app. Once connected, the external account appears in the utility as one of the folders. This includes accounts from other email providers like o2, Newspaper, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Interia.


  • is a comprehensive and secure email box;
  • you can easily manage and organize your messages;
  • it is possible to connect external providers’ accounts;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 1
Size: 32,6 Mb
OS version: Android 6.0
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