Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

This is an application that offers to play virtual sports games. You can create a team of real players and compete with others. There are also contests with prizes.


Yahoo Fantasy Sports is an application for Android that offers a wide selection of virtual games such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and others. It is possible to form and manage teams. Just like Yahoo Sports, this platform was developed by the same  American web services provider.

Team creation and statistics

You can choose your favorite sports to play. There is an opportunity to select players from real leagues and trade them for the next game. To win, you need to analyze the skills of athletes. The platform provides various statistics such as rating, number of goals, assists, blocks, steals, and playing time. Metrics are important for your team’s success.

Competitions with other users

The application allows you to create your own teams and compete with other participants. It is possible to choose a league between Head-to-Head, Points, and Rotisserie. Each of them has its own rules and features for scoring. For example, in Head-to-Head, victory is determined by comparing the performance of the opponents.

Furthermore, Yahoo Fantasy offers thematic contests where users receive rewards and prizes. Competitions can be linked to events such as the World Cup. There is an opportunity to communicate with participants to discuss strategies.


  • has a large selection of games;
  • allows you to create teams of  real players;
  • there is an opportunity to choose a league;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 4
Size: 138 Mb
OS version: Android 7.0
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