Ziraat Mobil

Ziraat Mobil

This is a mobile application developed by Ziraat Bank, a prominent bank in Turkey. It is designed to provide its customers with a wide range of banking services.


Ziraat Mobil is an Android application created by the eponymous Turkish bank. You will get access to an extensive selection of related services.

Banking services

This is the mobile banking app of Ziraat Bank, one of the most prominent banks in Turkey. Just like BancoPosta, it provides customers with a wide range of services. These include account management, fund transfers, bill payments, mobile top-ups, and more. Additionally, there is also an ATM locator, a foreign exchange service, and options for loan management.

One of the key features of Ziraat Mobil is the ability to seamlessly manage multiple accounts. You can view your balance, details, and transaction history, all in one place. The utility also allows for easy fund transfers between your own accounts to others within Ziraat Bank or to different banks. Moreover, it is possible to pay bills directly through the app.

Investment options

In addition to basic banking services, Ziraat Mobil also provides various investment options. You can view your portfolio, buy or sell stocks, and manage other investment products. The app also enables you to view your credit details, apply for new loans, and make interest payments. Furthermore, the utility provides access to foreign exchange rates.


  • offers online banking to Ziraat Bank customers;
  • you can manage accounts and access services;
  • there are multiple investment and loan options;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Size: 129 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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