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AirPush Detector

AirPush Detector

This app is created to detect utilities that litter your portable device with ads. The functionality allows you to scan and identify problematic programs.


AirPush Detector is an Android application which is developed to detect utilities that clog your portable device with ads. You can scan installed programs.


You may often see ad integration in the status bar of your smartphone appearing for no reason. This type of spam is called AirPush. In most cases, advertisements are displayed there due to certain applications that were previously installed.

AirPush Detector can help you in this case with a complete cleaning. The program analyzes and provides data on which utilities integrate ads on your device. You can get the result and decide what to do after the full scan. If you also would like to clean your phone of junk files, it is possible to use FileBin.


It is not necessary to go through the registration or authorization procedure after installing the app. The functionality of the utility is quite simple. You need to click on the Scan button located at the bottom of the screen. After that, an alert appears asking if the phone model requires the AirPush Detector program, since each device has its own protection. The analysis procedure takes only a few seconds. You can get a list of all applications which have caused unwanted ads and spam.


  • there is an option to detect apps sending AirPush ads;
  • the functionality of the utility is to scan and identify problematic programs;
  • analysis takes only a few seconds;
  • it is not necessary to register;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
Downloads: 743
Size: 0,3 Mb
OS version: Android 4.0
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