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Android 14

Android 14

This is the Google operating system update for modern mobile devices. It is possible to install the beta version of the OS and gain access to new features.


Android 14 – the new version of the official operating system from Google. It is now available to owners of Pixel smartphones and other modern devices from various brands.


The new version of the operating system received a major interface update for the first time since Android 12. Now users have the ability to customize the appearance of the lock screen. The system has introduced a new option for selecting colors, brightness, and clock size. Customization of shortcuts on the lock screen is available: quick activation of the camera, silent mode, viewing pictures from the gallery, and more.

Features for creating wallpapers have been added. There is an option to place interactive emojis on the screen. You can create wallpapers with a depth effect. The smartphone system now supports neural network features capable of generating unique images for wallpaper.

The design of application icons and widgets adapts to the colors of the selected wallpapers. As a result, when updating the wallpaper on the smartphone, the theme changes automatically. You can choose a monochrome black and white interface that applies not only to the system ones but also to third-party applications.


In the updated version of Android, the features of the “Back” gesture have been expanded. Now with its help, you can return to the previous tab or immediately go to the home screen. Additionally, a new screen preview option has been added for smooth transitions.

The capabilities of neural networks are integrated not only into the interface but also into the system functionality. Android 14 allows using AI to respond to messages. During a conversation, you can compose a text and instruct the neural network to rewrite it in a different style similar to the ChatGPT chatbot.

A new feature for cloning applications has been added. Duplicates of mobile programs can be created without third-party tools and utilities. The copy automatically activates a hidden work profile, allowing the same application to be used for different purposes.

In the new version of Google’s operating system, the removal of pre-installed software has been simplified. Most unnecessary system applications can be removed through a hidden menu.

More updates:

  • disabling animation when entering a PIN code and entering a graphical password;
  • blocking the installation of applications that have not been supported by developers for a long time;
  • flash activation when receiving new messages;
  • saving health and physical activity information from various programs;
  • providing detailed reports on how installed applications use location data;
  • increasing the font size to 200 percent;
  • new format for displaying Ultra HDR photos with improved brightness and color reproduction;
  • separate volume adjustment for incoming calls and messages.


The update of the operating system to Android 14 is planned to be carried out in several stages:

  • in the first wave of distribution, Google smartphones from the Pixel 4a model and above will receive the OS;
  • the second wave will include smartphones from other brands that participated in beta testing, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S, Z, and Tab S series devices;
  • in the next stage, the update will affect flagship smartphones from Xiaomi, starting from the 12 series and above, as well as Oppo’s Find N and Reno models.

Information about the distribution of the updated OS to devices from other brands is open to the public.

To install the update independently, you need to download the firmware archive to your computer from the official Android Developers website.

Then you need to install ADB FastBoot on your computer, connect your smartphone to it, and switch to recovery mode. On the mobile device, you have to to run the command “Apply update from ADB,” and on the PC, “adb sideload.” It should be noted that the name of the archive with the build must be specified correctly. After that, you just need to wait for the device to be reflashed.


  • the beta version of Android 14 can be downloaded and used for free;
  • operating system has an updated interface;
  • security and privacy system have been improved;
  • removal of pre-installed applications is available;
  • features of the built-in neural network are supported;
  • unique wallpapers can be generated;
  • the release of the public version was in February 2023.
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OS version: Android 14
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