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The application is a text-to-music generative AI platform developed by Meta. Researchers and practitioners can leverage its tools to train their own models.


AudioCraft is an Android app created by Meta. It offers a comprehensive text-to-music generative AI platform that can mimic the sounds of the environment and musical instruments.

AI models

The app incorporates three distinct models: MusicGen for generating music based on textual prompts, AudioGen for producing environmental sounds, and EnCodec, an AI-powered decoder system.

MusicGen provides access to a huge database of licensed music. The model is able to analyze text queries and create audio that does not violate copyrights. The app also allows you to employ environmental sounds and effects. With the help of the AudioGen model, you can add rain noise, dog barking, and car horns to your audio.

In the meanwhile, EnCodec provides professional music processing. The model compiles sounds, adjusts frequencies, and compresses tracks without loss of quality.

Music Creation

AudioCraft is available as an open-source project on GitHub. You can easily create music through text queries. The AI will then analyze them and generate a unique audio recording.

The built-in artificial intelligence is able to capture such details as instrumental riffs, melodies, and moods. It is also able to work with audio recorded through a microphone. Moreover, it is possible to imitate the sounds of various musical instruments.


  • is an open-source text-to-music AI made by Meta;
  • you can add sounds of the environment and musical instruments;
  • it is possible to compress tracks without quality loss;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 64
Size: 88 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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