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British Airways

British Airways

This app allows you to simplify many processes while traveling, including booking tickets, checking in for a flight and so on. You can check the schedule.


British Airways is the official Android application that allows you to book air tickets and manage your flight. It is possible to access the necessary information regarding your trip.


You can use various tools that will help you simplify many processes. Thanks to the built-in map format, it is possible to find out about the desired exit, terminal and so on. Moreover, there is an option to host up to eight boarding passes on your device that belong to the same travelers. One of the most basic functions is booking air tickets to different destinations.

Furthermore, British Airways offers its passengers and users a variety of fares where you can save money. There is an option to add flights to your calendar so you do not forget or be late. It is also possible to check the schedule and track departures or arrivals.


The app allows you to check in for your flight in advance and select your seats on the plane. You can also read the baggage rules and regulations so that you do not have any problems at the airport. British Airways has a points system that may be redeemed for future purchases.


  • there is an option to book tickets, view flight schedules and so on;
  • just like in Singapore Airlines, you can choose different fares and save money;
  • allows you to check in for your flight in advance to save time;
  • it is possible to upload boarding passes to the app;
  • compatible with current Android versions;
  • free to download and use.
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Size: 56,4 Mb
OS version: Android 7.0
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