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Modern mobile browsers are almost as functional as desktop ones, and in many cases even surpass them. They are useful for web surfing and have a lot of additional features.

In this section, you can choose and download a browser app for Android. There is a built-in player for music and video in almost every utility so you do not need to use an additional one. It is possible to block any type of ads which helps to save mobile data and speed up page loading.

Most mobile browsers come with a built-in VPN. Thanks to this, you can easily access blocked websites and maintain complete privacy. It is enough to turn Private Browsing on and your current IP address will be replaced with a virtual one, hiding personal data and location. The majority of mobile browsers have a function to automatically detect malicious websites and warn users about the threat. It is possible to open incognito tabs without leaving any traces of being online.

Another advantage of mobile browsers is the support for full synchronization with the desktop version. To do this, you need to log in and the utility will automatically download bookmarks, passwords, websites and other data from the express panel. You can customize your personal news feed based on your interests. Many mobile browsers support night mode, built-in translator, gesture and voice control. Some of them allow you to watch videos in the background. Before you download the Android browser from this catalog, you can read a detailed description about its key functions.

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