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Via Browser

Via Browser

This fast and lightweight browser provides numerous plugins and settings for customization. The extracted file for the app occupies less than 1 Mb of memory.


Via Browser is an Android browser app that stands out for its lightweight and efficiency. The utility offers numerous customizable features.


Similar to Xiaomi Mint Browser, the main advantage of this software lies in its compact size. To be exact, the app takes up less than 1 MB when installed. There are all necessary web viewing features without any unnecessary add-ons. However, despite its small size, the Via Browser app allows for customization of a great number of parameters.

Advanced Browsing

The app is designed to work well on most mobile devices, ensuring easy and enjoyable browsing. There is an integrated ad blocker that serves as an assistant for content filtering.

In order to help you save on your data usage, a clever content compression algorithm first sends the page to the server and then to your device.

If you require anonymity, you can browse websites in incognito mode. Moreover, you can change the User Agent parameter, which is automatically generated by the browser and sent to the server.


  • takes up less than 1 MB of device memory when installed;
  • well optimized and quickly displays pages;
  • simple and convenient interface;
  • integrated ad blocker for content filtering;
  • offers numerous plugins, including QR code scanner, and others;
  • allows for adjustment of a large number of settings;
  • offers content compression algorithm to save data usage;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 285
Size: 0,9 Mb
OS version: Android 2.3
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