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Bubble Screen Translate

Bubble Screen Translate

This application provides real-time translation of foreign words and texts on a smartphone screen. You can translate sentences in games, documents, and browsers.


Bubble Screen Translate is a utility for Android that offers automatic translation of foreign text displayed on any page on your smartphone. This application helps users understand the meaning of words, phrases, and sentences written in various languages.


This mobile software can read any text on your smartphone screen and instantly translate it into the selected language. You can use this app to obtain translations in documents, browsers, photos, social networks, games, and more.

The app finds text on the pages using OCR technology, witch stands for optical character recognition. For better accuracy, this service is based on machine learning models, ensuring that translations are provided in under three seconds.

Please keep in mind that this application requires access to display over other applications. After granting this permission, a floating button appears on the screen. You can use this control element to initiate translation at any moment. Furthermore, it is possible to activate this feature or switch languages through the notification panel.


Similar to QTranslate, this utility supports over 50 languages, including Polish, English, Italian, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Swedish, and many more. Users can manually pick the languages they want to use for translation. After setting up, all that is left to do is press the Start button and highlight any foreign word or sentence on the screen.

Bubble Screen Translate offers an offline mode, allowing translation without an internet connection. Finally, you can copy translated text for further use.


  • allows you to translate words and sentences on the screen;
  • supports over 50 languages;
  • includes a floating control button;
  • offers text scanning functionality;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 8
Size: 25 Mb
OS version: Android 5.0
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