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The utility is created to chat with artificial intelligence on various topics. Users can customize the personality and character of the interlocutor.


Chai is an Android application to communicate with artificial intelligence as a virtual friend. It is possible to customize the settings for convenient usage. Users can have conversations on various topics to gain new knowledge.


It is an AI chatbot with advanced features to discuss and learn something new. The utility provides a natural style of conversation, similar to Replika. In addition, users can customize the personality of their virtual friends.

The utility has a variety of topics from everyday conversation to more complex discussions. It allows you to speak about science, technology, art, sports, and more. Intelligent agents in Chai pay attention to emotions and mutual understanding. Utility may provide a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the chat.

It is possible to choose the character, mood, and style of communication to your preferences. The app has different personalities for a virtual friend such as cheerful, serious, optimistic, analytical, and other characters. Moreover, there are formal, informal, and other communication styles.

Data analysis

There is encryption of your data that ensures the safety of users. However, it is not recommended to share your personal information with a chatbot. The utility may save the history of messages for future communication in Chai.

Developers can collect a variety of data, such as time, types of user requests, and duration of conversations. There is analytics to identify problems or limitations of chatbot. It helps to improve the functionality of the application and the quality of the answers.


  • the utility has a chat with artificial intelligence;
  • it is possible to set the interlocutor;
  • you can learn new information on various topics;
  • app is free to download and use;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
Downloads: 9
Size: 88,6 Mb
OS version: Android 6.0
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